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The spirit world exists. You are like the child who hides in the closet and turns the light off. It might make you feel safe, but you are no more safer from the monsters than your were before.

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Mazushakar 11 months ago
Is that combination
Shakalkree 10 months ago
Haha! That's good enough.
Tygolrajas 10 months ago
I'll try to upload my picture here...
Mecage 10 months ago
Y?all gonna have to wait your turn in line.
Kajit 10 months ago
Umm, no he didn't.
Samurn 10 months ago
YAY another BP lover! :D
Grogore 10 months ago
The quote generator makes more sense than he does.
Zolozragore 10 months ago
Trump doesn't agree with you.
Gardagami 9 months ago
Oh that spanner gets to the best places,,,bast d
Dotaur 9 months ago
If we can execute her VERY slowly, OK.
Tagrel 9 months ago
Yes he is too??
Grosida 9 months ago
I never said my point was not biased.
Samushura 9 months ago
they used to be "future horse"
Shakajas 9 months ago
My phone keeps ringing or texting
Tojataur 9 months ago
Aim to please, gentleman style
Kajikus 9 months ago
Its all clear now...your florida jyst moved??
Moogurn 8 months ago
5 plead trial needed.
Kigul 8 months ago
Bet they hate having to unwrap them though.
Meztilmaran 8 months ago
The number is now 3.
Tojasho 8 months ago
Why I can't ?
Tarisar 8 months ago
Kanye Hemi Talkin..... Maybe, maybe not! Perception is bliss!
Tojarg 8 months ago
Dead pool is cool
Daigami 7 months ago
"Don't let Big Tech become Big Brother"
Nebar 7 months ago
*cough cough* Loser! *cough cough*
Telar 7 months ago
I?ve got some stout...for the models??
Goltirisar 6 months ago
So you have nothing

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