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So, you think that religious people have the right to kill trans people, do you?

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Vilar 8 months ago
What if had big boobs ? O_O
Kazuru 8 months ago
Which assumes that god has a plan
Tezragore 7 months ago
Biology. A zygote is living.
Mugrel 7 months ago
first male prostitution would have to be legal.
Zulkiktilar 7 months ago
Though, to be fair, we all were one once
Vor 7 months ago
Was your cat inside the orange juice container?
Kishakar 7 months ago
A Queen shares,The King ?? Owns the crown!!
Sajar 6 months ago
Meaning anti-Self defense at the very least.
Faerisar 6 months ago
except at the quantum level
Gardazragore 6 months ago
I would never qualify him as a capitalist. Ever.
Fenriramar 6 months ago
I AM A MYSTICAL GURU you religious spiritual nut.
Branos 6 months ago
IMHO it comes back to education.
Gajora 6 months ago
They will pay you extra or not?
Terisar 6 months ago
Haha I'd appreciate that help :p
Meztikree 5 months ago
Sounds ominous in a mutaween sort of way.
Zular 5 months ago
That's a lot of questions.
Doudal 5 months ago
"All cultures are not equal."

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