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Read his mind? He puts it all out there, no need to speculate.

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Mosho 6 months ago
I got an A+ 9 Correct
Zulunos 6 months ago
Yes! But that does not gain entry into Heaven
Tojalrajas 6 months ago
Was the filthy hobo Neil Young???
Akiktilar 6 months ago
"Butters, you gotta take one for the team. Aww...hamburgers"
Zuzuru 5 months ago
Most Marxists are peaceful.
Yozshusho 5 months ago
''lurks beyond our solar system.''
Voodoojin 5 months ago
This makes me glad ??
Tataur 5 months ago
Which is not fact?
Goltir 5 months ago
Sadly, not me. I could never be THAT fabulous.
Akijind 4 months ago
Because there's so obviously no God.
Kajirr 4 months ago
re: They did not attack anyone, don't be ridiculous.
Mezizilkree 4 months ago
Meaning you haven't read up on the subject!
Arasida 4 months ago
Escape Egypt with the APSA SWA screen award 2018
Memi 3 months ago
Your interpretation: Jesus death on the cross ushered
Mautaur 3 months ago
You understand me. Thanks
Malanos 3 months ago
I?m considering claiming Decent as a dependent.
Jukasa 3 months ago
Perhaps you could formulate an answer?
Douktilar 3 months ago
You're welcome! They're all waiting to hear from you??
Akijora 2 months ago
Apparently more of a biblical scholar than you are.
Dijind 2 months ago
I was on World Star.
Dugor 2 months ago
Exactly as it should be.
Yozshugis 2 months ago
Unfortunately, the evidence doesn't support that claim.

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