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377 08:0310 months ago

Lies. God doesn't speak to Gentiles. If a Gentile ever spoke to God, they would die instantly.

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Zucage 10 months ago
I want to, and do.
JoJoran 9 months ago
You have no idea how it works.
Akinoshicage 9 months ago
If you me, they rub the lower
Mauzil 9 months ago
Your childish mewlings are stupid. Buzz off.
Niktilar 9 months ago
That's the whole issue.
Merg 9 months ago
Surprised it made it and didn't spontaneously crash.
Kegul 9 months ago
Yeah. I feel for the guy
Tygosar 8 months ago
"too bad NOAA data doesn't agree"
Shaktikasa 8 months ago
Your interpretation: Jesus death on the cross ushered
Mosho 8 months ago
Which specific quote? All?
Yogar 8 months ago
No, are you surprised?
Kazraktilar 8 months ago
no I was just making a snide comment.
Bram 7 months ago
gt; Prosecution: ?EEEWWW! Not on the chessboard!?
Akikus 7 months ago
Jesus quoted the same in the New Testament
Jumuro 7 months ago
Sure, why not. It's a public safety issue.
Mikatilar 7 months ago
I give straight answers.
Guzuru 7 months ago
Kind of like the bar room brawls righties have.
Tygolrajas 7 months ago
dick caught in your zipper again eh?
Goltizilkree 6 months ago
Oh, is your god called "Miles Enim"?
Mazujind 6 months ago
I'll work on that OP.
Tygotaur 6 months ago
This post is gibberish.
Vok 6 months ago
I really wish you would. Into submission

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