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I thought they were brothers. They look very much alike in the face.

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Mijind 8 months ago
The grief and suffering is inflicted by you.
Tojarn 8 months ago
If there is no inventor, there are no lightbulbs.
Groll 8 months ago
Yet, I think you do.
Vucage 8 months ago
No. That ruins it. It?s always obvious
Kazizil 7 months ago
It's in our rules. You should read them.
Zuluktilar 7 months ago
Nope. It evolved from primates.
Brara 7 months ago
Canada has 300% tariffs on American milk and eggs.
Akinobei 7 months ago
Life doesn't have much value in secular western society?
Kazrakree 7 months ago
That argument applies unicorns.
Yojas 7 months ago
Have some respect for yourself, God Loves you.
Fegrel 6 months ago
I want to see your god restoring a limb.
Nitaur 6 months ago
You can't even control yourself.
Tojagami 6 months ago
How do you win a narrative?
Shakarg 6 months ago
Hey Alis M long time no see.
Tetaxe 6 months ago
I hear you. My ice cream melts.
Mimi 6 months ago
Modern Hebrew grammar differs from Biblical Mishnaic grammar.
Kagazuru 6 months ago
I?m good babe how are you?
Grolkree 5 months ago
That's not evidence, that's creationism.
Mazurg 5 months ago
Trump pays porn stars for
Tedal 5 months ago
But. but Christians are bad and mean.
Mekinos 5 months ago
Maybe you should read his books and his speeches.
Shaktijar 4 months ago
Great idea and i will supply a dull knife.
Vurisar 4 months ago
This is really poorly written.
Fele 4 months ago
I figured my boy would still be here
Jugis 4 months ago
Yes, again enjoy that stuff.
Mazukasa 4 months ago
She became a citizen before she ran.
Daizuru 3 months ago
A billion dollars for a promises you cannot see.
Jugor 3 months ago
Ligers a good man he helps me a lot.
Nikorisar 3 months ago
What does born this way suggest?

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