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The problem is that certain people are granted access to politicians that others are unable to access.

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Meztikree 6 months ago
Pretty good ma man... how bout yourself?
Tojalar 6 months ago
Where our rights are described.
Yokora 6 months ago
Same. My faith is struggling, tbh.
Fauk 6 months ago
God bless America and all our troops! ????
Voodoonris 5 months ago
Here is one for you:
Meztill 5 months ago
Oh my, :-), I though you were single
Daramar 5 months ago
trying to look it up, but not getting anywhere
Zolosida 5 months ago
And free easy access to birth control.
Saran 5 months ago
what did they get wrong?
Kazragal 5 months ago
I am young lady
Kazratilar 4 months ago
Based on what information.
Fegrel 4 months ago
What function? What the hell are you talking about?
Jugal 4 months ago
You looking for any office/bookkeeping help? :-)
Mikakora 4 months ago
Hmmm..... What about a Caucasian Spaniard?
Kagajora 4 months ago
Man that's rough. Insulation good?
Kazrall 4 months ago
That was your dumb standard.
Yozshusida 3 months ago
I work in communications for the government.
Akinobei 3 months ago
Hey Chino how are you tonight.
Gardabar 3 months ago
Not from Central and South America.
Kazrar 3 months ago
The US government is to blame for their separation.
Gardashakar 3 months ago
Phew, getting hot in here... :-)
Didal 3 months ago
Doesn?t excuse anyone from ANTIFA.
Shazuru 3 months ago
560 people of which 140 are children
Bajora 2 months ago
Let the games begin.????
Mezinris 2 months ago
Yeah... those type of classes are always interesting...
Zulugore 2 months ago
lol I have several firearms I've made myself...untraceable...etc...
Dolabar 2 months ago
Those were good times, brought tons of hits.
Gujinn 1 month ago
You are correct, early Unitarians were

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