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753 08:058 months ago

How many time have you been told Prosecutors bring their case when the investigation is finished?

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Vudosida 8 months ago
I'd like to skip this question. Please forgive me.
JoJosida 7 months ago
Lol, this guy does not think astronomy involes physics
Magor 7 months ago
The question we're discussing is not
Doushicage 7 months ago
Actually, a response to hyperbole.
Faegul 7 months ago
I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was exited ????????????
Moogujind 7 months ago
No politics, thank you.
Gocage 7 months ago
Oh you've been reported.
Maumuro 7 months ago
I found interesting live stream:
Gorg 6 months ago
Your tap-out is accepted.
Mozilkree 6 months ago
Never seen. You sure meant 'heard', didn't you?
Fenrisho 6 months ago
Again you lie, Denis.
Brami 6 months ago
Anti-Theism opposes an idea. Theism.
Mokinos 5 months ago
Damn you are ignorant.
Banos 5 months ago
It's also the tactic fake science uses.
Mezishicage 5 months ago
So much for being worst.
Vizragore 5 months ago
They have been for decades.
Telkis 5 months ago
Oh yes I have lol.
Akijas 4 months ago
Can you answer? Don?t care who.
Talabar 4 months ago
Hard to outrun that!
Tezil 4 months ago
Your experience is atypical.
Zulubei 4 months ago
Apparently.some theists would start immediately raping and murdering.
Zulutaxe 3 months ago
our interpretation: Jesus death on the cross ushered
Shaktik 3 months ago
Hahahah right! From Pakistan to the US!
Kazibei 3 months ago
And I?ve shown you mistakes you refuse to acknowledge.

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