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I wouldn't be a Christian if I didn't think the resurrection of Jesus happened. I wouldn't believe in a creator if life appeared to be the result of random processes

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Akijar 7 months ago
I know and it does worry me.
Tegis 7 months ago
LOL! Our conversation evolved.
Kajora 7 months ago
:-) what's your favorite flower?
Dozshura 7 months ago
Me and you were two peas in a pod!
Nikorisar 7 months ago
Her 15 minutes are not up yet?
Duk 6 months ago
Transitioning into Gnosticism ;)
Dirr 6 months ago
Hopefully this will shut you up then
Zolot 6 months ago
Or is it the white sox.
Shalmaran 6 months ago
Because you're one of them, lol.
Yozshurisar 5 months ago
Ok. Can you tell us more about "Bella"?
Kajigar 5 months ago
Your criticism is weak and unsupported. You would be:
Brajin 5 months ago
I don't need such Salvation. Thanks.
Mamuro 5 months ago
Possibly, but those criteria are not in their T&C's.
Zulurg 5 months ago
Cons are such morons. Truly.
Tojasho 4 months ago
I love the jokes in them!

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