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196 11:0610 months ago

IOW, you do not care that you were condemned without a just cause.

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Brara 10 months ago
WOW! enjoyed your time? :)
Voodoom 10 months ago
Bill has to learn Arabic language well .
Gatilar 9 months ago
That's a shame, it's 1995 all over again
Maugul 9 months ago
Ally of Hitler...first Ally, actually.
Kagazragore 9 months ago
Man you hard at it too ?????? Holla bro..
Kazralkis 9 months ago
Are they invisible too?
Shazahn 9 months ago
I was wondering about that myself.
Samuzahn 8 months ago
That happens to the good ones.
Zuzuru 8 months ago
We are eating chemicals, not food.
Tauzahn 8 months ago
I know. Isn?t it naughty?
Zulkilmaran 8 months ago
It works for sufficiently large values of "2"...
Zulkill 8 months ago
I didn't know they spelled ORGASM with a "G"
Daikus 7 months ago
Any peoof for those claims?
Tygokasa 7 months ago
Entrance to his kingdom for you is guaranteed. :-)
Arakora 7 months ago
LOL.what is this supposed to prove?

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