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217 02:5310 months ago

" It seems the Hillary cartel did exactly that, with or without Russians."

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Tygoll 10 months ago
Atheist logic is an oxymoron.
Mezragore 10 months ago
If only that were possible.
Zulkizil 10 months ago
Ok you believe in three gods?
Tauramar 9 months ago
Oh, don?t get me started on extended family! ??
Zololkree 9 months ago
Just be sure to leave some time for yourself.
Mektilar 9 months ago
You cut this one slack
Shakataur 9 months ago
So right you are.
Meztiran 9 months ago
You are an ignorant bitch
Gokinos 8 months ago
Has Facebook banned MSNBC yet
Arashiran 8 months ago
You have no proof.
Mooguramar 8 months ago
?????? I figured. Every girl on disqus is ????????????
Toshakar 8 months ago
I can be your whole test market. hahahah
Malajar 8 months ago
And I?ve shown you mistakes you refuse to acknowledge.
Nelkis 8 months ago
Doesn't this mean a creationist view fits better?
Shajin 7 months ago
That power is available NOW, on this planet.
Mishicage 7 months ago
Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.
Zulmaran 7 months ago
He looks like batman without uniform.

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