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630 08:329 months ago

The science behind AGW is sketchy at best, outright lies at worse.

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Kazrale 9 months ago
I'm not talking about the left.
Vizahn 9 months ago
Do you even have to ask?
Sagrel 9 months ago
"...woosh right over his head...."
Voodoogor 8 months ago
Hahaha not at the moment :)
Tenos 8 months ago
No one is better to trust than mom
Dilkree 8 months ago
No slam + I like = You good
Dazuru 8 months ago
Are you against saving American lives?
Tojalrajas 8 months ago
Here is one of the original news videos Juan.
Shakajas 7 months ago
Kirby is the cutest! ??????????
Dilrajas 7 months ago
It?s not competent professionals that are usually the problem.
Dajin 7 months ago
Who is this "we" that don't want cheap laborers.
JoJozil 7 months ago
"Rebellion"? The lefts' attack on our Constitution. "Invasion"?
Jur 7 months ago
That depends on what we mean by "pure love".
Shakakazahn 7 months ago
The scary thing is that you actually believe this.
Fauramar 6 months ago
He allowed and accepted it.
Kajigor 6 months ago
God bless the USA
Akinozshura 6 months ago
The same for small Southern towns.
Shakagami 6 months ago
@disqus_sLGL2SjQaz tagging myself worked lol

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