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Marriage is just a word, but in most countries it's required and often gives childern the protection they need. It just depends on the country where you are.

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Kijinn 9 months ago
LOL....they NEVER look like the ads....YOU know that!
JoJosho 9 months ago
He's worried about his own skin.
Meztisida 9 months ago
It's a liberal wet dream...
Douzragore 9 months ago
How little you know.
Togami 8 months ago
she likes to climb mountains to escape heat
Arashilkree 8 months ago
The government had what, exactly, to do with that?
Gazil 8 months ago
When you back yours, sure.
Douzuru 8 months ago
Here's what happens when you drink some of that!!
Tygorr 7 months ago
Semper Fi to you "Top".
Kigor 7 months ago
They have wind farms too
Mooguzahn 7 months ago
Which specific quote? All?
Muhn 7 months ago
No no, little trumpie-
Negis 6 months ago
I believe that's true!
Fautilar 6 months ago
Proud mommy congrats
Shakar 6 months ago
"The science is not settled."
Mazukree 6 months ago
Well, it is impressive.
Tok 6 months ago
There's no practical application for that skill.
Faurr 6 months ago
Which one is cheaper?
Gagore 5 months ago
Does my post suggest any human being excluded?

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