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"Straight up, believers will never prove an infinite God but I can attest He reveals Himself to those who put their faith in Him like I have and I'm COMPLETE in Him." Again you contradict yourself in one sentence. We should all believe you that there is your god because you have "put your faith in him." I suppose next you will be admonishing us for blocking the "Holy Spirit" and thus being responsible for the lack of evidence from you and your god. You obviously think that you can create gods out of your willingness to do so. Your comments are idiotic

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Shajora 10 months ago
No problem, everyone makes mistakes.
Moogubar 10 months ago
Lady Schick trumps evolution.
Akimuro 10 months ago
"The fear and dread of you will fall on
Kigasida 10 months ago
Republicans love naming their policy in deceptive terms.
Kazragis 10 months ago
And when we could not?
Aratilar 10 months ago
You are ignorant of scriptures.
Yolkree 9 months ago
Duly noted, I wish you well.
Fauzragore 9 months ago
And I stated nothing about an actual life.
Kigajar 9 months ago
Maybe they should work then, like Paul did.
Kazrashicage 9 months ago
So your answer was, in order,
Kigazil 9 months ago
Why do I bother responding to you?
Neshicage 9 months ago
The truth is, not everyone follows your religion.
Kazigar 8 months ago
I didn't say conservatism.
Voodoozil 8 months ago
mostly heterosexual, bisexual, mostly homosexual
Goktilar 8 months ago
Where, as in where did she live?
Mokazahn 8 months ago
Say James T. Hodgkinson was a big fan...
Arashisida 8 months ago
...and this is supposed to help ratings?
Arajora 7 months ago
= Life isn't fair
Grogrel 7 months ago
Hahaahahaha yep... jamie at ST channel taught me ????
Tokree 7 months ago
Tea, reading, Work and Cooking..
Samuktilar 7 months ago
Not really, RANDY; please read slowly:

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