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712 13:118 months ago

I certainly understand that, sree. For me, hydration and proper nutrition are key. A steady intake of alkaline or even properly distilled water is essential:

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Kigagor 7 months ago
Pfft make the wife do it
Kazrazil 7 months ago
Have u tried mail him again recently? ??
Akigrel 7 months ago
Either way, you are "giving" people stuff.
Mezticage 7 months ago
It all depends on the Power a group helds.
Nile 7 months ago
I've yet to see
Dusho 7 months ago
Bud, if you can prove
Daikasa 7 months ago
The bible was written by MEN.
Darr 6 months ago
We didn?t go back to England and fix it.
Kikazahn 6 months ago
Nice to see you, buddy!
Akikazahn 6 months ago
That looks like some dirty socks with mold.
Faule 6 months ago
Already are -- just haven't hit the ground yet.
Ketaur 6 months ago
as long as this "law" is not compulsory.
Arashigrel 5 months ago
Why would one expect that?
Gudal 5 months ago
Lovely Rita sweating by the liter ....
Brataur 5 months ago
Thanks for your kind words.
Dokasa 5 months ago
Personal insults are the protests of the weak.
Shakazragore 5 months ago
Only strawman arguments and spin, J is accurate.
Kajin 5 months ago
I'll have to read it...thanks for the 411!
Shaktira 5 months ago
Why, as the conservative say, this is more fun.
Vokora 4 months ago
lol adoptive parents have ever been bad people.
Vimi 4 months ago
Anybody but Trump :)

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