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597 11:5510 months ago

I don't find much comfort in the thought of oblivion either. only nonexistence can give perfect everlasting peace. When people talk about wanting an afterlife they really haven't though it through. heaven or hell all their ego really wants is just another day of existence.

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Bralar 10 months ago
golly G beaver- you sure are swell.
Tum 9 months ago
AWWWW! Poor little Shawsy being left out again.
Dolkree 9 months ago
Well you would be wrong again.
Datilar 9 months ago
Quotes are meaningless. Can?t you use your own words?
Zolobei 9 months ago
Catholics don't deserve it.
Dadal 9 months ago
Yes! And another personality twin!
Arashira 8 months ago
No one wins in trade wars,
Barisar 8 months ago
Well you all are to me
Mihn 8 months ago
I guess you are right about that. 100% A+
Daikasa 8 months ago
Good morning my Disqus hero!!
Mirn 8 months ago
You obviously have not.
Nesho 7 months ago
So very horribly wrong. LOL!
Zugal 7 months ago
That's just your opinion.
Shakasho 7 months ago
What is childish about some quotes?
Gujora 7 months ago
I'd kiss Tory Mason.
Kigrel 7 months ago
Then why is there an extra step?
Mazugar 7 months ago
excellent take on it
Juhn 7 months ago
I like it too ??????
Shaktik 7 months ago
Good. So He does have a Wife?
Shakasho 7 months ago
Many of Paul's epistles begin with of God.
Sarg 7 months ago
edwinrad doesn't know what a prophecy is
Dataur 6 months ago
You may, but I don't believe validly.
Masho 6 months ago
Yet, the majority of scholars disagrees with you.
Gozragore 6 months ago
I wonder who you work for.
Nakinos 6 months ago
They're watching a fighter jet go over, you idiot.
Momuro 6 months ago
Doesn?t make a difference.
Gugor 6 months ago
Do you know who El of Yahweh is?
Nerisar 5 months ago
Exactly. He lived his faith.
Dozragore 5 months ago
I was counting the letters but you said 7
Mazuzil 5 months ago
Are you sure you want to know?

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