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Just explain to me how Jesus death saves us. Give me the explanation you're most comfortable with, from any Christian denomination you're familiar with.

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Neshakar 10 months ago
and eventually you run out of other peoples money!!!
Digor 10 months ago
incorrect in this sense of being untrue.
Shakasar 9 months ago
was it a serious crime? No?
Babar 9 months ago
No. That?s no what it says at all.
Kera 9 months ago
What he is remembering
Doumuro 9 months ago
Now you know why I left.
Mezigal 9 months ago
You have no clue.
Faegar 9 months ago
Here's one for GL, from Team USA
Voshakar 8 months ago
Corn chips pay the bills? =)
Mataur 8 months ago
I'd be worried that my child might get robbed.
Mezishicage 8 months ago
You have a right to bigotry?
Grokasa 8 months ago
Why should God clean up our messes?
Vudolmaran 7 months ago
Good for you! Keep up the good work.
Tenris 7 months ago
How many hours do u sleep daily?
Fenrirn 7 months ago
Putting a spin on something constitutes a straw man.
Mosar 7 months ago
I heard that "running vertically" does more damage.
Vudodal 7 months ago
Which is why I said "our Creator."
Zolokus 7 months ago
Sounds like a plan.
Moogugor 6 months ago
Good morning to you, how are you today ?
JoJogar 6 months ago
Anyone with a brain can see it?
JoJonris 6 months ago
God is both mother and father.
Makazahn 6 months ago
Today Jeb is a moderate lefty. Sad.

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