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You're correct. It wasn't A God. It was GOD .

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Manris 9 months ago
Yes Kathy. Write something intelligent; because, Smiley can't.
Samuhn 9 months ago
Agreed. Including part of the 700 billion defence budget.
Akigal 9 months ago
The right has no way to know about fraudulent???
Gardacage 9 months ago
Superbirds, but the samething.
Mezizuru 9 months ago
I do not agree
Grorisar 9 months ago
Why are St. Patrick day parades held?
Mezihn 8 months ago
It?s very good that you keep busy James!!
Shakagor 8 months ago
The left is often time incapable of conversation.
Nikozshura 8 months ago
Is medicine an exact science?
Mezirg 8 months ago
The taxpayers bleed for them?through their pocket books :--(
Yokinos 8 months ago
Like I said, a comic book.
Daijora 7 months ago
You mean you are not. Maybe others are?
Shakalkis 7 months ago
Hmmm...So this is where everybody went!
Gardabei 7 months ago
Four friends and hundreds of opponents.
Bataur 7 months ago
About that aid to farmers...
Malat 7 months ago
No, that's not what I'm saying.
Zolosida 7 months ago
I am taking notes, carry on please.

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