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Anyone who allows for abortion is pro-abortion by definition. I don't know anyone who is against abortion. If the fetus your wife was carrying became toxic to her and would kill her, would you be in favor of abortion or letting your wife die so the fetus could be born? If you are for saving your wife's life then you are saying you are pro abortion. That's not really the case. You are pro choice. You don't like the idea of abortion but you want to have the right to choose whether your wife or her fetus lives. Same goes for your daughter if she is raped. There are times when abortion needs to be an option.

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Nikora 6 months ago
Never been there- so i can't say for sure
Tojagrel 6 months ago
Replied sent you one too homie!
Gardakree 6 months ago
You?re a good man James ????????????
Kigajas 6 months ago
No it just talks too much.
Faemi 6 months ago
Why? Having parents isn't odd. Their sex is irrelevant.
JoJozilkree 6 months ago
What is the evidence for the afterlife?
Voodoosar 5 months ago
I couldn't have stated it better.
Mogore 5 months ago
Oh neat! I like that one a lot :)

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