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130 36:2011 months ago

So around 10-11 my time u have break right? Then u can talk to me ??????????

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Gatilar 10 months ago
That isn't a secular thing.
Tojajar 10 months ago
Marriage isn't a federal institution
Shakagal 10 months ago
Absolutely. Reading the books to see for myself.
Fejora 10 months ago
Hey Mr shy guy why don't you introduce yourself.
Faetilar 10 months ago
Because it doesn't have to?
Dalkis 9 months ago
We're still alive, brother!
Metaur 9 months ago
What has Acosta done except ask questions?
Mikarn 9 months ago
Atheists always limit themselves to the physical.
Kanos 9 months ago
Its worrying way too many people...
Nikoktilar 9 months ago
I like him too.
Vurr 8 months ago
the "fun" is the debate.
Zolorr 8 months ago
much ado about a problem that was going away.
Maur 8 months ago
Then why do you waste time engaging me?
Mazuran 8 months ago
She'd never leave the house.
Voodoobei 7 months ago
You've certainly invested time, that is a given.
Gogul 7 months ago
Seems pretty but built on the backs of peasants.
Dur 7 months ago
I know. Me too. I'm so glad you aren't.
Mazukazahn 7 months ago
You made my point, once again.
Migrel 7 months ago
More like skittles and cough syrup for Democrats.....
Bataur 6 months ago
Weird how it all fits.
Mikinos 6 months ago
How so? The Renaissance also came out of Christendom.
Kagaramar 6 months ago
What flavor is the kool aid today?
Dasho 6 months ago
Sorry Butt. I MOST specifically asked about male #2.
Aratilar 6 months ago
Dead pool is cool
Tebar 5 months ago
Sounds good to me, brah.
Zolorisar 5 months ago
Why the quotes around "think"? :)
Zololar 5 months ago
And a DEGRADED BEING,DILETTANTE and maybe a Squirrel
Melmaran 5 months ago
So what created your "god" ?

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