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797 17:358 months ago

For 1000 years churches and monasteries were centers of knowledge and education. And the situation was the same as now with conservatives and progressives: some Christian leaders supported and promoted knowledge, and some opposed it. If someone claims this system was ineffective, why no other civilization produced the same level of progress?

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Akinogal 8 months ago
Trying to escape Nirvana makes you a thug?
Doumi 7 months ago
I'm not sure you do.
Fenos 7 months ago
Have you looked up
Togrel 7 months ago
I wouldn?t even drink this beer periodically.
Gagore 7 months ago
HahahahahHhaha ?????? should i laugh or cry ????
Kigazshura 6 months ago
Sounds like a personal problem.
Shakagor 6 months ago
Could you describe what free will is?
Guramar 6 months ago
You responded to me.
Kagakazahn 6 months ago
More BS bible nonsense.
Kajilkis 5 months ago
Thanks. Some sociology makes sense.
Brarr 5 months ago
Compared to fake news, he's Abe freakin Lincoln.
Shakar 5 months ago
Amputated does not equal sick.
Kigara 5 months ago
So where have you been?
Jubar 5 months ago
Says ewe, and dullards too.
Tojami 4 months ago
Sorry I fell asleep lol..
Grodal 4 months ago
What did I get wrong?
Talrajas 4 months ago
ty again..... ; }
Felrajas 4 months ago
Right! When they finally realize to late!
Gujora 4 months ago
Didn't want the blood drawing too many bugs.
Tygojora 4 months ago
oh, and btw apparently Mr Brown was black.
Golrajas 3 months ago
well, okay, you are.
Grokinos 3 months ago
We got the same amount correct.
Yoshura 3 months ago
"A separation from God that is total. "
Akiktilar 3 months ago
No that?s the way the Bible defines him.

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