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990 41:117 months ago

We ought to discuss in the off-topic OP. I'd rather not derail this one. See you there in a few.

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Taujinn 7 months ago
Thou shall not spill thy seed?
Mijind 6 months ago
Just the ones from Norway.
Malarg 6 months ago
I support your stance.
Shaktit 6 months ago
Let me try an analogy for you.
Kaziran 6 months ago
Perhaps you should go to Angels game or Ducks
Meztilabar 6 months ago
it's his attorney's fault for giving bad advice.
Zololrajas 6 months ago
I am sharing a definition not defining something.
Brazragore 5 months ago
You adopt an idea, say "It comes from God".
Mokazahn 5 months ago
Thanks TWO! You're sweet!!
Dashicage 5 months ago
I like women that have a vagina.
Faular 5 months ago
Peace and long life.
Zulushura 5 months ago
Exactly. They are evil to the core.
Akinojinn 5 months ago
Thanks. It's all good.
Keshicage 4 months ago
I think you will find I'm responding with contempt
Vora 4 months ago
What d'you call people who use the rhythm-method?
Tular 4 months ago
She looks like a yard gnome on acid
Zoloshura 4 months ago
What is this evidence you speak of?
Jugis 4 months ago
I couldn't have stated it better.

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