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The Catholics are not Christians? Wow!!! That?s new!! We need to correct the books! Apparently you ignore that the first church founded, was the Catholic one; that they were the heretic ones, this is true and the Orthodox Jews were the Nazarenes who were detached from them and were persecuted by the first! But the fact that they believe in Jesus among other pagan deities (the sun for example) this is well known. But do not fool yourself. Even the ?other? Christians believe in the god of the sun and the moon. The chief deity of the Jews was originally El the Chaldean, Canaanite and Assyrian god of the sun ? see in Wikipedia ?El?; and ?The pagan origin of Judaism?. Hence all the theophoric names we read in the Bible, like Suri-El, Micha-El, Uri-El, Gabri-El, Bab-El etc even the name of their country Ista-El! His name figures in the OT, but in many cases it is mistranslated (Bull-El, Bull of Jacob etc) like the name of his consort Asherah! Sic! Yes, Christian god has a wife and her name is Asherah mentioned 40 times in the OT, also mistranslated by Hieronymous! They also have 70 sons as the Ugaritic texts brought into light. Asherah became the consort of Jahouh or Jehovah, or Yahweh, when the first was identified with the latter after the Babylonian captivity? that?s around 6-5th century. Jahouh is an Arabian pagan deity that Moses introduced to Israelites, the god of the mountain, army and volcano. According to others (see S. Freud) Yahouh is an Egyptian deity copied by Moses, apparently from the god of the sun Aton that pharaoh Akhenaton introduced in Egypt. There are references in the OT too! Also read the books referring to Ugarit and the excavations occurred there. For that, I recommend the books,

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Voodoomi 11 months ago
Maybe since all the pictures are women.
Araran 10 months ago
Add - orrible edumacation
Tygogrel 10 months ago
PFFT... IONS, how could they affect the weather?
Yozshusho 10 months ago
So which laws are being broken?
Tanos 10 months ago
God takes life quite often in the bible.
Akibei 10 months ago
It's all there...can't you read?
Taujin 10 months ago
No. He is genuine. Most politicians are not.
Zulkis 10 months ago
The 20 yo wild child
Gardarg 10 months ago
You said God did X
Vimi 9 months ago
Makes total since, your a wise man brother.
Shakagore 9 months ago
Where did I mention atheists or their intelligence?
Tem 9 months ago digressing again? But I digress.
Zolorisar 9 months ago
Nope. Its considered a fast food.
Zulujin 9 months ago
WOW really?This is awesome.. ;D
Tygolabar 8 months ago
I imagine your dancing is something like this? ??
Gok 8 months ago
(Says this after frequenting Infowars)
Voodoozuru 8 months ago
Lol i had that one
Jumuro 8 months ago
Symbolic. But, you know that.
Digar 8 months ago
What did your source show determining wrong occurrences?
Nelabar 7 months ago
Seems like you?ve already decided
Daitaxe 7 months ago
Sessions has my contempt !!!!
Gardataxe 7 months ago
Cyndi, you're proving my point.
Mashakar 7 months ago
Actually, it's my win. Off you go.
Fenrim 7 months ago
We paid for that too
Brajind 7 months ago
What an idiotic thing to say.
Male 6 months ago
Its hotter there than here in nyc
Kelkis 6 months ago
Looks a little small, needs to slip them off!
Tutaxe 6 months ago
Sin and imperfection inherited from Adam and Eve.

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