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The US has been renewing and upgrading delivery systems non-stop since the seventies.

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Vujas 9 months ago
Can't fault her for keeping fit.
Kigakazahn 9 months ago
Why would he take it hard?
Gokree 8 months ago
I am not even sure that I really exist.
Jutilar 8 months ago
Indeed! I like anime music all time
Zolotaxe 8 months ago
My parents created me out of their DNA.
Mile 8 months ago
Are you really that dense?
Vorr 8 months ago
Which specific quote? All?
Voodooshura 8 months ago
This post is gibberish.
Tudal 8 months ago
Good way of putting it.
Daizilkree 7 months ago
"Sultan of Socks" -- LOL.
Dushura 7 months ago
That was my whole point, copycat.
Mogore 7 months ago
Dead ringer for my last serious relationship.
Tabar 7 months ago
She was crazy. You dodged a bullet.
Kajizilkree 7 months ago
Trump pardon in 3....2...1....
Samukus 6 months ago
trump devotion syndrome (TDS) strikes again.
Aralkis 6 months ago
It's world wide, just like the behavior
Mazragore 6 months ago
But they do-far more than we care to admit.
Taurn 6 months ago
I realize you are an indoctrination victim
Tygokazahn 5 months ago
More bullshit lies. You must be so proud.
Braramar 5 months ago
I could watch this all day, very therapeutic.

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