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363 07:228 months ago

Armageddin is a place!! Apocalypse or end times is better diction

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Neshicage 8 months ago
Holy flopping cows. this guy.
Mikinos 8 months ago
No, you've got it backwards.
Tebei 7 months ago
Amen Here's TOO YA!!! Cheers
Mikak 7 months ago
Lol! So you?ve read my comments. ??
Fenricage 7 months ago
Makes it real all of a sudden.
Macage 7 months ago
I'm trying to imagine it and lmao.
Douzahn 7 months ago
You can say it with no witnesses.
Kizahn 6 months ago
I don't see it as a disrespectful act
Tuzil 6 months ago
I'm fine today thanks JB
Zum 6 months ago
You certainly didn't differentiate.
Vizilkree 6 months ago
Like when a certain sibling decides to cook :-(
Metilar 6 months ago
sir that hand is might low
Shak 6 months ago
OK, lets hear it - what did he saw?
Meztihn 6 months ago
Free Speech, another amendment under attack by the leftists
Gardabei 5 months ago
Lol! True we?ll see. :-)
Fenriktilar 5 months ago
Exactly. I make you cry, you block me.

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