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It isn't an opinion. It's a fact. My remote actually affects the world. No need for belief. Just batteries.

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Moogutilar 6 months ago
FDR prolonged the depressions. The war ended it.
Mazushura 6 months ago
You can say it with no witnesses.
Meztigul 5 months ago
You do understand what
Tojalrajas 5 months ago
"... historical totalitarian regimes,"
Godal 5 months ago
You still in class?
Kazigar 5 months ago
The parents we definitely nasty Trump drones.
Nikozahn 4 months ago
Nawa ooo God save his ppl
Mazushakar 4 months ago
now you're confusing two things.
Kerg 4 months ago
Which definitions are these?
Meztisho 4 months ago
wipe the drool from your computer--woman
Brajas 4 months ago
One question though, how's life at 60s?
Kagaktilar 4 months ago
"My time is wasted trying to help"
Tataxe 3 months ago
Probably? Whats your point?
Kazragami 3 months ago
but me change ...LOL
Moogulkree 3 months ago
Perhaps then you could answer these questions
Dazahn 3 months ago
You got schooled. Stop embarrassing yourself.
Faekazahn 2 months ago
But...the margaritas, they won't drink themselves!
Mezilmaran 2 months ago
That is an arbitrary distinction, and it's specious nonsense.
Tulabar 2 months ago
A small lecture in language usage:
Vogore 2 months ago
Read it again. You did not understand it.
Dozahn 2 months ago
DHS has declared them a terrorist organization, I believe.

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