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474 10:0110 months ago

But what do you think? Does anyone here actually give this prophecy, or these claims any real credibility, or are they just being added to the long list of failed apocalypses so far?

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Douzshura 10 months ago
Puberty does brain damage? Shit, that explains a lot...
Togrel 10 months ago
Apparently, you don't need the archaeologist, either.
Akitaur 9 months ago
Enough quality to fight the United States Army over.
Zulkilar 9 months ago
If you mean, TaxPayer Funded, then call it that!
Tojaktilar 9 months ago
Oh, is your god called "Miles Enim"?
Zolojinn 9 months ago
Lol! Nooooo....I felt bad laughing then and now! ????????
Sazil 9 months ago
Then you didn't try.
Dutaur 9 months ago
hahahaha maybe it's over confidence
Akinokora 9 months ago
That's quite a mouthful. Care to back it up?
Vudal 8 months ago
I call it Adam Johnson
Kajile 8 months ago
Hahahahahaha!!!! This should be hysterical!!!
Tutaur 8 months ago
And yet we use it all the time.........
Aragami 8 months ago
Disgust is Fascist book light without all the frills...
Zulugami 8 months ago
He wasn't the slightest bit interesting, then.
Kera 8 months ago
Anxiously awaiting his answer
Mazukus 7 months ago
screaming racist does nothing for me
Meztikazahn 7 months ago
If wasn't effective you wouldn't be bitching about it.
Tygohn 7 months ago
Because it is an innocent life.
Kagalabar 7 months ago
Aren't you an angry little homophobe?
Zulkishicage 6 months ago
yeah you know you damn smug ????

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