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886 08:3610 months ago

I don't have any issue with the law as written, but I don't like the way this sheriff is trying to abuse it.

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Kazijind 10 months ago
I suppose it depends on the state you're in.
Kazitilar 10 months ago
I love talking to u Rose ??
Barn 10 months ago
New it. You purposely threw me off!!!
Daimuro 10 months ago
Try Korean Fried Chicken, the so much better KFC.
Mikami 10 months ago
I thought atheism was about logic, not emotions.
Yok 9 months ago
It sure was a Monday.
Bakus 9 months ago
Lol! You doubted me James, I hurt!??
Goltinris 9 months ago
Why do you call bullsh!t ?
Shashakar 9 months ago
Ohh nice trick to remember:P
Mele 9 months ago
Don't assume what I believe. Ask a question instead.
Nazil 8 months ago
All for the glory of God.
Fenrizuru 8 months ago
Welp, looks like I?m establishing my own sect then.
Nejas 8 months ago
no. Not-for-profit corporations absolutely use the term.
Yoshakar 8 months ago
It works. Most definitely. :-)

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