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191 03:029 months ago

I got what you were saying lol. I?m the worst. I?m on my phone and I make a lot of spelling errors ??????

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Voodookus 8 months ago
You decided to put more Dunning-Kruger effect on display.
Sazuru 8 months ago
About what, Vaseline Boy, Lenin, Vaseline Boy?
Mozil 8 months ago
You can get tha5 from the article.
Mogore 8 months ago
Yep. But hardly mine alone.
Jule 8 months ago
"until there are none left."
Zulutaur 8 months ago
Actually, a response to hyperbole.
Vushicage 8 months ago
Try doing a strikeout hahaha
Mazulabar 7 months ago
And to God's word....
Malazilkree 7 months ago
You know you just got owned, right?
Mikaramar 7 months ago
None. Move if you don't like it, tovarisch.
Najas 7 months ago
Really? Are you serious right now?
Kem 7 months ago
Not fake, but rather biased? You're too nice.
Fauzil 7 months ago
Doesn't make God true.
Fausida 6 months ago
Socialism is not the same as Fascism.
Samugis 6 months ago
"Many dysfunctional folks choose to become a theist, etc."
Toktilar 6 months ago
These countries also have
Bragar 6 months ago
Or one in every port.
Zulkirr 6 months ago
You misunderstood me. You're the one who copped out.
Mujinn 5 months ago
It is a huge mistake for Cuomo.
Tekus 5 months ago
Greenlatern. He's my favorite. :p
Bratilar 5 months ago
How do I communicate with an insensate object?
JoJogor 5 months ago
Orientation is not sex.
Voodoojinn 5 months ago
I got those right. Don't ask, don't tell.
Narg 5 months ago
In this country it's GODLESS socialism.
Kazigor 4 months ago
A different world and it's coming here!
Gardashicage 4 months ago
The dialogue is on.
Mejin 4 months ago
Nah exams etc etc etc etc wink wink????

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