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191 03:0211 months ago

I got what you were saying lol. I?m the worst. I?m on my phone and I make a lot of spelling errors ??????

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Voodookus 11 months ago
You decided to put more Dunning-Kruger effect on display.
Sazuru 10 months ago
About what, Vaseline Boy, Lenin, Vaseline Boy?
Mozil 10 months ago
You can get tha5 from the article.
Mogore 10 months ago
Yep. But hardly mine alone.
Jule 10 months ago
"until there are none left."
Zulutaur 10 months ago
Actually, a response to hyperbole.
Vushicage 10 months ago
Try doing a strikeout hahaha
Mazulabar 10 months ago
And to God's word....
Malazilkree 10 months ago
You know you just got owned, right?
Mikaramar 9 months ago
None. Move if you don't like it, tovarisch.
Najas 9 months ago
Really? Are you serious right now?
Kem 9 months ago
Not fake, but rather biased? You're too nice.
Fauzil 9 months ago
Doesn't make God true.
Fausida 9 months ago
Socialism is not the same as Fascism.
Samugis 8 months ago
"Many dysfunctional folks choose to become a theist, etc."
Toktilar 8 months ago
These countries also have
Bragar 8 months ago
Or one in every port.
Zulkirr 8 months ago
You misunderstood me. You're the one who copped out.
Mujinn 8 months ago
It is a huge mistake for Cuomo.
Tekus 7 months ago
Greenlatern. He's my favorite. :p
Bratilar 7 months ago
How do I communicate with an insensate object?
JoJogor 7 months ago
Orientation is not sex.
Voodoojinn 7 months ago
I got those right. Don't ask, don't tell.
Narg 7 months ago
In this country it's GODLESS socialism.
Kazigor 7 months ago
A different world and it's coming here!
Gardashicage 6 months ago
The dialogue is on.
Mejin 6 months ago
Nah exams etc etc etc etc wink wink????

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