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succinctly answered: NO but if they lie to create a tangent, they are doing worse than just self indulging.

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Grokazahn 8 months ago
you are going to be so disappointed hahahahaha
Gardakinos 8 months ago
what does H.P mean?
Mikazahn 8 months ago
Hard on the gonads for sure .....
Tamuro 8 months ago
Hands up don't shoot.
Mazuzuru 7 months ago
I?m fine with you thinking so.
Guzragore 7 months ago
LMAO...Sorry GL! Yes you are too cute also!
Brashakar 7 months ago
haha it might .. people still call me V
Togal 7 months ago
You're free to believe anything you like, of course.
Bam 7 months ago
What Rita posted earlier is sexy.
Kazrataxe 6 months ago
He's a specially programmed robot just doing his job.??
Mezik 6 months ago
Key phrase in their own mind .
Naktilar 6 months ago
State-dictated indoctrination? What do you mean?
Arazil 6 months ago
And yet I'm not.
Faumuro 6 months ago
Donald Trump IS a foreign worker.
Karisar 5 months ago
I'm not. And I don't think I am.
Tauramar 5 months ago
Free speech doesnt mean free from consequences.
Malazahn 5 months ago
1. For a Maximally perfect being yes I agree.
Fauk 5 months ago
Kill one of them?

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