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This position is the basis of the major split in Protestantism, namely between the Calvinists and the Arminians. The Calinist Churches (those that contain ?reformed? now or previously in their name) I.e. Dutch, Swiss, Scottish, etc) believe in predestination. That is God knew from before the foundation of the world. I suppose it makes God the ultimate engineer watching over his perfect machine to make sure it works as he designed it. Unlike the deist concept of God the watchmaker who made the world and then wound it up and set it working and then went on to other projects no longer having to worry about the machine working. Two things result from the Calvinist view. A severe decline in regular church attendance and a great confidence in being right and on God?s side. On the other hand, belief in free will, seems to provide much less security and resultant confidence plus a certain tolerance for conflicting views because it might be right for them and God can use a multitude of ideas toward his general ends. Because a very powerful but not all dictating and knowing God only seems general ends. Basically doesn?t sweat the details.

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Virn 11 months ago
how did that ole prayer go:
Mule 11 months ago
Bro I?m dying ????????????????????????
Mazuzahn 10 months ago
And No he's to far from partake.
Garg 10 months ago
Then it's a claim, but not a proof.
Zulkigul 10 months ago
God has a severe problem with non-existence.
Samuhn 10 months ago
That's right, you ignore truth to uphold your lies.
Brazil 10 months ago
She's the wife of a Marine. Leave her alone.
Maugar 10 months ago
OOOOH! A Mod breaking the rules, now. Name calling?
Tonris 9 months ago
Nope. Check your previous posts.
Grotilar 9 months ago
Like what? What are "far right policies"?
Mot 9 months ago
Cool. I'll check it out later. Thanks Geh.
Malazil 9 months ago
I think we won't know until it happens.
Kazisida 9 months ago
"They were not approved to be there. Period."
Shashicage 8 months ago
She shoulda taken the second prize
Dainris 8 months ago
Buh bye freakshow troll.
Tanris 8 months ago
Found you photo AI Parson - troll
Nikoran 8 months ago
No, they've passed that already.
Tazahn 8 months ago
Gnosticism was about 500 sects. Many are not dead.
Kagajinn 7 months ago
I saw this scene on "Billions"
Taurn 7 months ago
They have such cool pics for this quiz
Tausar 7 months ago
Wrong. not mine. God's.
Fauk 7 months ago
Lol! Hummm... ?? guess you?re right! Nevermind! ??????
Nikomuro 7 months ago
We've got nothing, always had nothing
Daisida 6 months ago
I would be selling HOCKEY.
Dushakar 6 months ago
Ok I will, how many seasons are thete??
Samukus 6 months ago
Refusing moderation will not go well for you.
Fauzilkree 6 months ago
Just stating facts! No comparison.
Misida 6 months ago
Okay, thanks I get it.
Vijind 6 months ago
Let's not sell it short.

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