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539 13:5710 months ago

Wow. And another example of not complying. If that kid put his hands over his head, he?d be alive today (unless he got murdered by a gang member). But that?s neither here nor there. COMPLY!!!!

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Kigabar 10 months ago
Here are the sexual orientations:
Kigul 10 months ago
That's the saddest looking wedding cake-topper I've ever seen.
Kirr 9 months ago
The !Kung tribes reverse roles according to their skillset.
Makora 9 months ago
Acknowledged, and I expect the same in return.
Meztilar 9 months ago
Good words and pertinent to the topic.
Mauzil 9 months ago
No, they do not.
Nimuro 9 months ago
Another snide comment, go figure.
Gubar 8 months ago
The baker broke the law, Kayla.
Doumuro 8 months ago
I love Lucifer. :-)
Dozahn 8 months ago
I'm Canadian too, and know exactly your position. Thanks.
Voodook 8 months ago
Wash. Times is admittedly conservative.
Fenritilar 8 months ago
Long interesting lonely ;P
Kenos 8 months ago
Who knew it would ever come to this?
Madal 8 months ago
Yeah I'm not much of a morning person either.
Kagar 8 months ago
But stay out of purely opinionated topics
Vijas 8 months ago
Naughty naughty Haha okay big .??
Zuzragore 7 months ago
She went on a news show and said this:

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