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There are Scientist that disbelieve this nonsense as well. I believe the climate is always changing, always has and always will. I stand by my statement, the solutions proposed by Al Gore ( the hypocrite) and those in the Paris Accord are profiteering schemes. This includes most of the Green Energy nonsense as well. Ex. Solyndra - Obama's THEFT of American tax dollars! Green Energy cannot replace nuclear power plants. All Green Energy solutions are backed by fossil fuel based systems.

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Nami 11 months ago
I do not get your intended meaning.
Kajijas 11 months ago
It's too bad of her
Shakataur 11 months ago
And how will that take place, Bill?
Nebei 10 months ago
Okay, so, um. Right, I'll get to it.
Sak 10 months ago
The question is nonsensical.
Samumi 10 months ago
I wouldn't have any.
Shagami 10 months ago
You've got clunge fever.
Garr 10 months ago
"Nobody is talking about abolishing the 2nd Amendment."
Kajile 10 months ago
Good one tough guy. Just another right wing beauty.
Brakasa 9 months ago
Look up ratings comparisons between Fox and CNN

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