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Once you sincerely believe in a loving God, you can trust God to welcome your soul back in Heaven, but do not expect God to grant you whatever you ask for your physical needs because your main purpose here is to save your soul.

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JoJokora 10 months ago
He needs a personality change.
Neshura 10 months ago
Huh! When did that happen???
Nikoshura 10 months ago
No, it is precisely what I stated absurd.
Magis 10 months ago
So how do you feel about scars ??
Gardarr 10 months ago
Thank you for the nice transcript.
Duzahn 9 months ago
oh congrats on your first grandchild ??
Arashitaur 9 months ago
Get ready to laugh but stevie wonder?
Vukasa 9 months ago
I would respectfully disagree with this generalization.
Vudorr 9 months ago
Hey moron it was a scientist from.
Mukasa 9 months ago
Soon to be normal if the Socialists take over.
JoJogami 9 months ago
Hi! how are you???
Turr 8 months ago
Most of humanity falls somewhere in the bisexual range
Nizahn 8 months ago
Well that too, forgot...
Tojakazahn 8 months ago
Disabilities are often not a choice.
Tojar 8 months ago
That is one flaming fugly couple
Doushakar 8 months ago
Steve Hawking is that you predicting again?

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