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Well, chatter says it?s ?in the works.? Think Elliott Ness and the Untouchables. He could only take the mob guys down after he replaced the corrupt cops involved because if he would have acted sooner they?d just make more deals, cover for each other and get off scott free. Which, is what we see now has happened over and over again... The DC swamp is on a much larger, and world wide, scale and it?s beng drained. There are sealed indictments, criminal referrals via the IG, a record number of politicians leaving office, justices being replaced, etc. President Trump?s own ?untouchables? are replacing the old palace brick by brick. I know it feels like nothing will ever get them, but we?re told their day is coming.

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Kikinos 11 months ago
Your right, ....trouble is,,,,,she is dead
JoJoktilar 11 months ago
Lmao, dude, it's just a book.
Tygoll 10 months ago
Ah the people who allowed 9/11?
Badal 10 months ago
Boom! But I'm sure HH will disagree with you.
Tojabei 10 months ago
I'm stuck in the city with the AC cranked.
Felar 10 months ago
Do you think said someone would be caught?
Vik 9 months ago
God takes life quite often in the bible.
Mitaur 9 months ago
isn't all that important
Zulkik 9 months ago
The Republicans should have impeached him a year ago.
Bralrajas 9 months ago
What is a fake vagina? How does it work?
Darn 9 months ago
Why should I restate everything I stated before?
Judal 9 months ago
Humour me. Give me one source. One.
Mikak 8 months ago
I'm not a Christian.

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