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989 06:004 months ago

Nope. Christians actually Lives their Faith. That is much more than mere opinion. They actually believe that they are the Children of God.

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Zulugrel 4 months ago
Thats a horrible thing to say
Tagul 4 months ago
How are you doing dear???
Akirn 4 months ago
Jesus only taught 3 years on the country side.
Totilar 3 months ago
I can sleep better knowing I at least tried.
Shajas 3 months ago
Yes 2 days off ??
Zologrel 3 months ago
I've already quashed that silly acorn analogy once today.
Mishicage 3 months ago
It is not illogical. But good one! (I guess)
Vushakar 3 months ago
It has 8.5% alcohol.
Kazradal 2 months ago
Do you mean "would", or "wouldn't"?
Vule 2 months ago
a l l of them must die
Kazshura 2 months ago
Careful... Donnie might hire you as his tweet writer!
Dalar 2 months ago
Excuse me? What are you talking about?
Mauzuru 2 months ago
Nope it's a choir to get them cut
Kajimuro 1 month ago
How were my statement and your statement so different?
Ket 1 month ago
Watch Fox News Live Here:
Faezilkree 1 month ago
The parents we definitely nasty Trump drones.
Shaktizuru 1 month ago
Recently humanity consumed 1 years sustainable resource.
Gojas 1 month ago
Nooo leave mAh boys alone
Grolkree 1 month ago
So baby japanese were future soldiers?
Zulkikinos 3 weeks ago
That is something I need to try
Tygok 2 weeks ago
You are a gracious loser.
Grosar 1 week ago
Insults none the less.

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