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992 27:0411 months ago

Nope. Gotta have some kind of common ground. I'm not going to talk astronomy with somebody who says big balls of hot gas. Big deal

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Kigacage 10 months ago
It is way too early to be that drunk.
Daizshura 10 months ago
So . you're saying that
Kazramuro 10 months ago
I just explained why it's false.
Tolrajas 10 months ago
Keep fighting that battle my friend.
Zulujas 9 months ago
Perks to atheism? Let's see. . . .
Maut 9 months ago
I did to drink my coffee first. ??
Kazizshura 9 months ago
Why do they call him HIM, FATHER, and HE?
Kajigar 9 months ago
So long, libtard trash!
Kazira 9 months ago
I'm not claiming it. I'm observing it.
JoJogrel 9 months ago
And you call Trump stupid.
Dagul 8 months ago
What, you don't believe in coincidences?
Golar 8 months ago
They talk about, but don't show any evidence.
Megul 8 months ago
Which is known as magical thinking.
Daijar 7 months ago
Nothing like what we have now
Dizilkree 7 months ago
Ain't that some brazen shit?
Kajimi 7 months ago
Urgent but senseless requests from the controlling department :D
Dasida 7 months ago
That's what I thought!??
Moogule 7 months ago
No way I am gonna ever allow that sh!t
Kern 6 months ago
Did this question stump everyone?
Nibei 6 months ago
"Freedom of choice" unless it is birth control, RIGHT????
Nezil 6 months ago
Lately Pelosi sounds as brain dead as Ginsburg.
Narn 6 months ago
Which is part of what the #walkaway stand for.
Vusho 6 months ago
Many, many thumbs up!!!!!

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