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246 28:1610 months ago

I'm so fo reals... Do not shoot me too.. I made shepherds pie for dinner you want some before I put it away speak now or forever hold your peace

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Kishakar 10 months ago
Thanks for sharing too. ??
Nikorisar 10 months ago
How do you know what they want?
Tojas 10 months ago
" There is no evidence whatsoever against Trump."
Tugrel 10 months ago
HahahahahHhaha ?????? should i laugh or cry ????
Fern 10 months ago
Did you look up my skirt?
JoJoshakar 9 months ago
I hope the guilty did not receive excessive punishment.
Goltilmaran 9 months ago
Okay, your will be done.
Naramar 9 months ago
Yes, that is the key point!
Arashakar 9 months ago
Yeah, like climate change, right?
Malagul 9 months ago
Because he wrote a book testifying that.
JoJosida 9 months ago
He does the best paperwork.
Mikarisar 9 months ago
Oh. Ok. Thxs again.
Arajin 8 months ago
Over half the countries eyes are closed.
Nijas 8 months ago
That's not change caused by
Makasa 8 months ago
Is that part of your persecution complex?
Arashirisar 8 months ago
Yes, way more, especially with stepfathers.
Vudolmaran 8 months ago
See ya soon ! :)
Voodoorisar 8 months ago
Whatever makes you happy, buddy.
Saktilar 8 months ago
You are not spiritually dead, MBA.
Fenritaur 7 months ago
Cuz trump hates america
Ararr 7 months ago
Not true in any way.
Arashikazahn 7 months ago
Did you actually read it?
Mezim 7 months ago
Oh no. We know we limp.
Moogusar 6 months ago
Rights don?t come from any god.
Kajishura 6 months ago
I just watched it this morning.
Vudorg 6 months ago
Yes, Hitchens could've been a great lawyer.
Nikogis 6 months ago
No no no and no.
Kajar 6 months ago
Who are you saying they don't accept?

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