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Well Jim, the people in this country are still free to choose who is right and who is wrong and that applies to the media as well. In case you haven't noticed you have been rebuked by a large majority of Americans who are sick of propaganda style reporting. When the liberal media ceases to puke out garbage every minute of the day maybe we will take you seriously again, but I doubt that will happen.

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Mazulrajas 10 months ago
Hey no worries, I don't judge people
Zuludal 10 months ago
You mean Cadet Bone Spurs? Those qualifications?
Kasar 10 months ago
There are certainly pastors who have other jobs.
Gusida 10 months ago
No me mattes!! Mo me mattes!!
Samuktilar 9 months ago
I?ll take my chances on that one, too.
Mauzil 9 months ago
She will answer my tag eventually, she always does.
Dousida 9 months ago
Flirting is fun for everyone ??
Meztizahn 9 months ago
Been there , enjoyed a lot!
Shagami 9 months ago
You do not seems to understand the distinction.
Akinolrajas 9 months ago
Nope, just veggie burgers.
Dagor 9 months ago
And? AJ is responsible for the actions of others?
Kisho 8 months ago
I look at it this way: There were no
Samuzshura 8 months ago
Probably ink poisoning
Dabar 8 months ago
They are to each other...
Kebar 8 months ago
He done run all out of turns.
Kajinris 8 months ago
She's nice who is she
Fenrilkree 8 months ago
Uh, maybe a strike
Minos 8 months ago
-depends-is it 90,000 or a few thousand-are they working?
Shakadal 7 months ago
I don't blame you.
Gujar 7 months ago
Stand up girl.. *Clicks fingers* xD
Kegar 7 months ago
Who's the bear and who's the twink?
Kajimuro 7 months ago
Don't you look like him?;p
Shanos 7 months ago
Mod opinion: thank you for contributing to the channel.
Dojar 7 months ago
I'm not sure why he would
Tojami 6 months ago
Thank you, I forgot to link them ??
Daidal 6 months ago
I don't agree,but that is funny,,,,,,lol
Mezinos 6 months ago
Hahaha not at the moment :)
Meztinris 6 months ago
8 to 5 the driver is Vesuvian.
Kazitilar 6 months ago
I didn't know they spelled ORGASM with a "G"

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