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637 08:509 months ago

She is a member of the D List of Washed-Up Wannabe Celebrities. Remember, she tried to take guests at a wedding shower on a tour of the West Wing, just on a lark. She just thought she could do stuff like that. She is just as big a narcissist as trump. She needs some attention because no one's said anything about her in a while.

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Gardabei 8 months ago
She's about as sharp as a bowling ball.
Zolokazahn 8 months ago
Jerome Murphy-O?Connor, Paul: His Story (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
Tygora 8 months ago
Has the absence of God been proven?
Mazujin 8 months ago
Why? Because you don't pay your debts?
Yolar 8 months ago
We have evidence that consciousness comes from the brain.
Kazisho 7 months ago
yeah I need this one!
Votaxe 7 months ago
Yes,in re reading it I agree with you.
Kagal 7 months ago
Fossils and DNA are Evidence , not proof.
Vusida 7 months ago
Um, in the Koch brothers' pockets?

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