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If anyone breaks into your home, or God for bid, maims you or one of your family; don't be a hypocrite and call the cops, you're a bigger man than this right.

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Nikorr 8 months ago
Pay attention to what Heyo said.
Gardasida 8 months ago
Shut up and self deport to Laos. :P
Tygobei 8 months ago
They sting from love. ??
Vujind 7 months ago
Knowing what words mean.
Arashisida 7 months ago
Are there no distinct cultures?
Shaktinos 7 months ago
Psst, the secret's in the marinade.
Zulular 7 months ago
Tormenting old folks is good, clean fun?
Akinogami 7 months ago
Yes. Then and there.
Netaur 6 months ago
see you so bad-- but in a good way!
Zulkigrel 6 months ago
I prefer to call it a lack of self-pride.
Dut 6 months ago
2005 my childhood time
Shakazuru 6 months ago
What context are you using it in?
Vudozilkree 6 months ago
No, that's actually Global Warming.
Kajizshura 6 months ago
Have you actually read your Bible?
Kacage 5 months ago
People are always crazier
Akinoktilar 5 months ago
Perhaps you could formulate an answer?
Voodoolkree 5 months ago
Hmmmm, maybe or Joe Arpaio?

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