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880 10:2711 months ago

I once handled a similar situation in a different fashion. Dude (early 20s) and girlfriend parked in the only handicapped spot available. They obviously had just come from the gym and RAN into the vitamin store. When they exited they came to the restaurant next door where I was eating. When they were leaving I made a point of rushing over to hold the door open for the poor invalid, and told him I'd be happy to assist him getting into his Mercedes. They both turned visibly red, and I don't know if it really had any affect, but I like to think the embarrassment will carry forward and prevent them from making the same selfish choice. Made me laugh anyway.

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Dolkis 11 months ago
He was not her husband yet.
Akizragore 11 months ago
How did life originate?
Zologrel 11 months ago
These are the facts,
Mazuhn 10 months ago
to run for governor of Cal-IF-For-Nee-a
Vudokasa 10 months ago
I'm just wrong? About what exactly?
Shashura 10 months ago
It was some sort of fundraiser. They accepted donations.
Voodoojinn 10 months ago
It is and super easy to do.
JoJojar 10 months ago
Then post the evidence that supports that claim.
Yozilkree 10 months ago poor thing, need a diaper change?
Tojinn 9 months ago
Where did you get the picture of DarkHorseSki?
Shaktigrel 9 months ago
At least I have an excuse
Sarn 9 months ago
They're supposed to be comical
Akinohn 9 months ago
In old country, Joke laughs at you!
Tosho 8 months ago
Only most of what you said was false.
Mezik 8 months ago
It looks like for devout Muslims like
Kazraktilar 8 months ago
That is what they call themselves.
Faumuro 8 months ago
I will not wait

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