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So stagnant wages are a good sign to raise taxes?

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JoJobar 9 months ago
Yeah run Joey run ...
Akigore 9 months ago
In my reading, I saw claims disputing that opinion
Kajigrel 9 months ago
Who is buying FOX?
Daishakar 9 months ago
So, who makes the "image" and from what?
Kejas 9 months ago
Are you an adudeist or antidudeist?
Kigal 8 months ago
Yes I was speaking generally.
Kezshura 8 months ago
Hopefully it remains that way!
Arasar 8 months ago
Enjoy your eternity in hell cause you deserve it.
Kazibar 8 months ago
Read the book! :)
Bamuro 8 months ago
I will answer with scripture:)
Mazshura 7 months ago
I smiled! Promise! My parents made me!
Tausar 7 months ago
can't watch him 24/7, you never know
Brall 7 months ago
I don't know who Hawkins is.
Dizahn 7 months ago
I thought it was about man's inhumanity to chipmunks.
Faesho 7 months ago
I want the correct date
Mektilar 6 months ago
Yup one tequila, two tequila, three tequila NAKED>>>
Jurn 6 months ago
Wow. Eve is kinda cute.
Grotaxe 6 months ago
Matthew 7:22 - 23
Akinogar 6 months ago
Murderers have to eat, so it?s ok to murder?

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