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590 09:5411 months ago

I have often had Christians claiming that the slavery of the bible was more like indentured servitude, and not at all like American slavery was. That is true for fellow Jews, but not for other races from the horse's mouth:

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Daishura 11 months ago
Trump has been lying about Rosie for years now
Fezuru 11 months ago
Ohhhh, sexy cheerleader pic!!!
Akinogal 10 months ago
And so it goes... Night Mike.
Vudojora 10 months ago
Again, she's representing Detroit.
Fenriramar 10 months ago
Trump can... and does.
Mikinos 10 months ago
That is awfully reductionist.
Yozilkree 10 months ago
Build a Wall at the Children's cancer center then.
Kigabei 10 months ago
The absurdity of that claim knows no bounds.
Akinokree 10 months ago
We have a winner! Hilarious!
Julkree 9 months ago
Occasionally...I like being all goofy now and then. :)
Milabar 9 months ago
student ...and ya ??
Gam 9 months ago
IQ intelligence quotient
Mazushicage 9 months ago
Guess what , any one offended had ZERO reason!
Dojora 8 months ago worries:) I understood what you ment!
Vutilar 8 months ago
Marxism Communism Socialism? right on cue David!
Sagore 8 months ago
Tolrajas 8 months ago
Yep. Im happy with my choice ????????
Tojashakar 8 months ago
Lot of good it did Hillary.
Fele 7 months ago
Proof of one's own feelings on a subject.
Muzilkree 7 months ago
Nice hat for sure
Moogunos 7 months ago
sure. no one could ever deny that.
Tojakora 7 months ago
This is still not addressing what I said.
Kijinn 7 months ago
Yes but you showed me really good bewbie pics

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