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Correct he did reverse Obama's orders. The thing is you must stick to the law. If you have a law, and break that law or look the other way, then why do you have laws? If you want to make a change or an exception then you need to make legislation. Obama's actions side-stepped that process and made it only harder in the path to deregulating marijuana. Once proponents would be tasked to push for legalization of marijuana those who were pro-Obama era methods would be willing to fight full legalization on the federal level. This is where many people don't understand the complexity of this situation. Here in California you can see it for yourself. When California passed it's own legalization law they did so prohibiting corporations from being able to gain permits to sell or grow marijuana within the state. The worded legislation specifically had in mind that only small farmers and small shops would be allowed to participate in this industry to keep big businesses out. If Sessions were to push for the removal of marijuana from a schedule 1 narcotic I guarantee you there will be a all out civil war in the US and no it will not be the conservatives that will be starting the war. The liberals who are pushing for Obama-era state legal weed want things to stay the way they are because it is a big money maker for them. They don't have to report the taxes since it is all cash sales, they make millions. Sessions is the enemy, that's why he wanted each state US attorney to have control rather than leaving them with their hands tied. Even with Obama ordering the feds to look the other way they still raided shops and warehouses... there was still federal land that was being watched. The feds were still looking and Obama did not stop them. The DEA makes more money by confiscating money from pot shops than any other agency.

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Mikacage 10 months ago
wow Phaedrus thank you very much! ?
Melmaran 10 months ago
And what'll you be having tonight?
Nikogal 9 months ago
Only when "in use"...
Bara 9 months ago
I miss chance .. :(
Turg 9 months ago
Geez I just about threw my neck out
Mushicage 9 months ago
Did I ever say the word prove or proof?
Kigakasa 9 months ago
I refer to Brahman- physical forms are optional. ?
Julrajas 9 months ago
I also agreewith that.
Shazilkree 9 months ago
It's time to take a stand. Enough is enough.
Bralkis 8 months ago
Yes ... you are not work for yourself ???
JoJozshura 8 months ago
Just keep telling yourself that, Kevin.

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