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How terrible, a person might have to think twice about killing their own child, and actually take responsibility for their actions?

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Talkree 8 months ago
Lime all the way_------
Shajar 8 months ago
Straight from the dictionary:
Zudal 7 months ago
I'm sure you should leave.
Kesar 7 months ago
No, he is just exposing what MSM is.
Bazil 7 months ago
So taking steps to address
Dogal 7 months ago
Ii don't believe he is God. So I'm excluded.
Fenrik 7 months ago
Thanks for the numbers to give perspective.
Kazrak 7 months ago
I didn?t mock anyone
Tojanos 7 months ago
I dont think you are a heavy eater. XD
Mezizilkree 7 months ago
Applying For Permanent Resident Status:
Yole 7 months ago
And put her in time out :)
Mezirr 7 months ago
I will epidipnis. That's always good advice.
Nikodal 6 months ago
so your drawing are 18 +-- interesting! hahah
Daicage 6 months ago
But she is hot though
Mosho 6 months ago
I need more weapons, med!
Shaktira 6 months ago
I don't hate theists. Keep trying.
Dairn 5 months ago
Lmao...right? I love French bread????????????
Jukora 5 months ago
You run from yourself every day joey.
Yoshicage 5 months ago
Everything seems in order here.
Gom 5 months ago
Are you using disqus on pc or lapi?
Gardar 5 months ago
Wisdom of sensuality ..
Voodoom 5 months ago
It?s a book idiot.
Fenrinris 4 months ago
I fail to see how that compares though.
Togis 4 months ago
so he misses out on this?....
Tojam 4 months ago
Excellent advice and very well stated.
Faell 4 months ago
Father of the progressive, virulent racist.
Kazizuru 4 months ago
don't you think it's your job ?

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