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In other babble nonsense about an idea that is nonsense.

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Kajirg 7 months ago
My religion does not bully anyone.
Mill 6 months ago
That looks like some dirty socks with mold.
Daran 6 months ago
Perhaps you can log on earlier tomorrow???
Migor 6 months ago
Can we see what it looks like.
Zolozshura 6 months ago
Were you trying to make it obvious?
Tunos 6 months ago
Well have fun with that.
Akilkree 5 months ago
One of my favorite actor Gregory peck.
Yorg 5 months ago
What about local history?
Daibar 5 months ago
LOL...I've never been there.
Vudogor 5 months ago
Let's not forget another hopeless cesspool CALIFORNIA ????????????????
Maktilar 5 months ago
Feel free to appropriate ????????????
Ket 5 months ago
But, it is a thing.
Karan 5 months ago
Where is Cave Springs? In which state?
Tygojinn 4 months ago
Don't forget deranged and ugly.
Gojas 4 months ago
That's a perfect butt right there.
Tataxe 4 months ago
No Overly flirting? Damn
Akill 4 months ago
Ironic that you mention that particular fallacy:
Fausida 4 months ago didn't really say that did you?
Nejinn 3 months ago
Seek it out. It?s worth the effort
JoJogore 3 months ago
Science. I base it on science.
Kazahn 3 months ago
According to Smokey Bear, only you can prevent wildfires.
Daikree 3 months ago
There?s nothing wrong with skinny ??
Mikasida 3 months ago
The law you posted which doesn't mention God?
Kira 2 months ago
She didn't spy. She investigated her opponent.
Akinorn 2 months ago
By Facts, you mean the western medias smear campaign?
Shakazragore 2 months ago
Nothing much .. how about you
Faekazahn 2 months ago
Why is it "too dumb to bother answering"?
Voodoonris 2 months ago
this isn't spam nope
Terisar 2 months ago
You mean stone adUlterer? Read Bible, here link:

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