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Maybe you need a more stimulating outlet for that energy.

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Kajizuru 10 months ago
Indeed fine pieces of art..
Grojar 10 months ago
Ah. That makes sense.
Tabei 10 months ago
I dont know swimming. :-(
Tukinos 10 months ago
My intentions here!? Oh how precious....
Yokazahn 9 months ago
You have taken it out of context.
Shaktiran 9 months ago
Few things are more precious than adult innocence.
Doushicage 9 months ago
Dumb, dumb, dumb, DUMB!!!
Daizil 9 months ago
and or Prove it.
Zoloramar 9 months ago
Your opinion has been noted.
Maur 9 months ago
Talking about "recent" history. Since the year 2000.
Migal 9 months ago
This is far from a surprise.
Tajinn 9 months ago
you can?t explain
Mojinn 8 months ago
This is about enforcement of rules.
Mezticage 8 months ago
And you only perceive god as existing
Telar 8 months ago
civilians always the first victims of wars .
Bami 8 months ago
You'll likely be healthier and happier too!
Nikasa 7 months ago just have no clue about literature.
Zolobar 7 months ago
How do you know it is a myth?
Malalkis 7 months ago
and ruin a perfectly good harpoon???
Vijin 7 months ago
God's Wife is a church?
Mular 7 months ago
Love the thought process..
Zolotaxe 6 months ago
Keeping kids ?innocent? is exactly what predators want.
Metaxe 6 months ago
We can always dream.
Shale 6 months ago
Less insulting and more neutral refers to my ignorant.
Yozshukazahn 6 months ago
The term is self-explanatory.
Gohn 6 months ago
I don't have a god.
Gozil 6 months ago
Wouldn't the simpler solution be they didn't happen?

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