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758 20:279 months ago

LOL. I am not the coward who runs away crying whenever someone presents facts that hurt my widdle feewings.

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Mazuk 9 months ago
Everyone except you and me.
Torr 9 months ago
Still the pres and Hillary is NOT!!
Mezill 8 months ago
I want to assume you understood my meaning.
Fenrilrajas 8 months ago
Oh really? How so!
Kajir 8 months ago
Do you think I am?
Shagar 8 months ago
Let's pretend you are noticing something real.
Vik 8 months ago
Nihilist, huh? That must be exhausting.
Tohn 7 months ago
It is by no means patriotic.
Faukinos 7 months ago
Wouldn't they be better than nothing as a weapon?
Arashirn 7 months ago
Is there a Vampire Channel on this site?
Yozshugore 7 months ago
yea .... Well you were invited :)
Daihn 7 months ago
You are welcome my friend.
Shalkree 7 months ago
I don't. I never cared for Twitter.
Kigakinos 7 months ago
can you please show the evidence
Kigarn 6 months ago
I?m failing...sticking with gifs
Shaktilar 6 months ago
I've seen both spellings used.
Vizil 6 months ago
actually the pain can be dulled by antropathy too.
Akinosar 5 months ago
Omg I got chills reading that!!
Kajikus 5 months ago
You're the one who crossed the grammar line.
Malalmaran 5 months ago
Swiss Chocolate it's not...
Vudogar 5 months ago
What is actual life ?
Morisar 4 months ago
Is Donald Trump protected?
Akinonos 4 months ago
I would say Jennifer
Sataxe 4 months ago
Except no such evidence exists.
Zunos 4 months ago
Someone is pulling my comments as spam. ?
Musida 3 months ago
I think you missed the sarcasm.
Kajimuro 3 months ago
actually i think he did....

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