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I personally am sad and frustrated that I was priced out of the community I lived in for 31 years. I?ve seen a substantial portion of my old neighborhood turned into piggy banks for foreign investors only now to find out where I reside has over 30% of the homes vacant; probably piggybanks also. I?m ready to move on; where at least most folk will make an effort to chat with me in English in public. I found it is very hard for the seniors (even Chinese that came prior to the year 2000) to adjust to the influx of newcomers in that they don?t feel they are part of an inclusive identity in their community.

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Malashura 10 months ago
Oh my God have mercy
Goltijin 10 months ago
Yeah. That's great. Any plan for weekend
Mikamuro 9 months ago
Ok sart snow patrol song open your eyes.
Grotaxe 9 months ago
Anyone else, no? Thought so.
Mikagami 9 months ago
Henotheism. need to look up that one again.
Makazahn 9 months ago
Why did He create men who are against Him?
Murr 9 months ago
I always wake up with boner !! Morning wood!!!
Faejin 8 months ago
Impeach? Trump would still be president morons
Kigarr 8 months ago
There's a lot of those. Be specific.
Brall 8 months ago
You could show us some fancy footwork
Misho 8 months ago
I am not a Catholic TS.
Kitaur 8 months ago
If christianity were true, I would become a christian?
Vobei 8 months ago
Sorry got a little heated last night.
Yozshunos 8 months ago
If you had you'd know it was a theorem.
Fegul 8 months ago
I wasn't making attacks. They really do look alike.
Mazujin 8 months ago
When will the awakening happen?
Nikorn 7 months ago
I know the answers

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