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483 06:0010 months ago

I should also mention that, in addition to the statistics courses required for my primary major, I also aced the one statistics course required for the engineering curriculum.

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Shaktilrajas 10 months ago
the Bank bailout was DONE BY GW BUSH.
Zumuro 10 months ago
I've edited it in accordance with your hurt feelings.
Malagul 10 months ago
and mom, don't forget my allowance...
Fenrikasa 9 months ago
We should hope for a Ruthless SCOTUS.........
Faujar 9 months ago
Ahh ok. Well good luck with it anyway.
Nak 9 months ago
Oh yes you can kiss them too!
Juzilkree 9 months ago
Supposedly is was their money to begin with.
Akinolkree 9 months ago
Eurotrip is what I saw her in.
Kemi 9 months ago
You didn't hear that I'm back in the States???
Vusar 9 months ago
Here is your statement:
Samujas 8 months ago
LoL! Anything is possible.
Gobei 8 months ago
I just did. Hope it is OK.
Mikanris 8 months ago
A move that is tried and true...
Dairisar 8 months ago
Look at my posts and decide for yourself.
Dilrajas 7 months ago
And where does the money go?
Vushura 7 months ago
Couldn't you have predicted this?
Akinolar 7 months ago
You mean those benighted enough to believe without evidence.
Turn 7 months ago
I worked on this one.
Daim 7 months ago
1- Men were not magically created
Grobar 6 months ago
organizing around identity politics = begging for scraps.
Mabei 6 months ago
Killing a baby by abortion is always premeditated.
Vitaur 6 months ago
Muscle relaxers and vodka works for my "clients".
Mikale 6 months ago
I agree. We spend WAY too much on Defense.
Vomuro 5 months ago
You know Moses didn't exist right?
Zulujind 5 months ago
So you're saying there IS no solution.
Dainris 5 months ago
It won't help in a single Congressional race.

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