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483 06:008 months ago

I should also mention that, in addition to the statistics courses required for my primary major, I also aced the one statistics course required for the engineering curriculum.

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Shaktilrajas 8 months ago
the Bank bailout was DONE BY GW BUSH.
Zumuro 8 months ago
I've edited it in accordance with your hurt feelings.
Malagul 8 months ago
and mom, don't forget my allowance...
Fenrikasa 7 months ago
We should hope for a Ruthless SCOTUS.........
Faujar 7 months ago
Ahh ok. Well good luck with it anyway.
Nak 7 months ago
Oh yes you can kiss them too!
Juzilkree 7 months ago
Supposedly is was their money to begin with.
Akinolkree 7 months ago
Eurotrip is what I saw her in.
Kemi 6 months ago
You didn't hear that I'm back in the States???
Vusar 6 months ago
Here is your statement:
Samujas 6 months ago
LoL! Anything is possible.
Gobei 6 months ago
I just did. Hope it is OK.
Mikanris 6 months ago
A move that is tried and true...
Dairisar 5 months ago
Look at my posts and decide for yourself.
Dilrajas 5 months ago
And where does the money go?
Vushura 5 months ago
Couldn't you have predicted this?
Akinolar 4 months ago
You mean those benighted enough to believe without evidence.
Turn 4 months ago
I worked on this one.
Daim 4 months ago
1- Men were not magically created
Grobar 4 months ago
organizing around identity politics = begging for scraps.
Mabei 4 months ago
Killing a baby by abortion is always premeditated.
Vitaur 4 months ago
Muscle relaxers and vodka works for my "clients".
Mikale 4 months ago
I agree. We spend WAY too much on Defense.
Vomuro 3 months ago
You know Moses didn't exist right?
Zulujind 3 months ago
So you're saying there IS no solution.
Dainris 3 months ago
It won't help in a single Congressional race.

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